Important notice

GoodBye! This service is no longer operational.

Welcome to 7awl

7awl is a service to convert torrent files to easy downloadable links through Google Drive.
1. Torrent's files shouldn't be a porn or have viruses.
2. Torrent's files shouldn't have anti religion content or encourage on hate.
3. Torrent's files shouldn't have a terrorist contnent.
4. Torrent file shouldn't exude 150 GB.
5. You must provide an information about the content of the torrent's file and working email.
6. In case of no seed or slow seeders, we'll contact you via email.
7. The torrent files will be deleted from Google Drive as it reach its maximum limit to answer more orders. "GD storage is 2 Terabyte".
A customer place the order. We check of the torrent's file and see if it is fulfilling the rules or not. Then we manually download the torrent's content by seedbox and remote upload it to google drive. Finally, we send a message to the customer with a folder/file link via email.